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Promoting the goals of the UN in the Bay Area.”
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If your organization is interested in participating in the UNA San Francisco Bay Area Council of Organizations, please contact us.

What follows is a linked list of international groups and organizations with offices, headquarters or local meetings in the SF Bay Area. No endorsements or formal relationships are meant to be implied. This is simply a public information tool for networking. It will take a while, but the intent is to make this list comprehensive and up-to-date so that it covers all of Bay Area civic society.

United Nations Association of the United States
   of America (UNA-USA)
UNA-USA - East Bay
UNA-USA - Marin County
UNA-USA - Mid-Penninsula
UNA-USA - Northern California Division

UNA-USA - San Francisco Chapter
United Nations
United Nations Foundation
UN Calendar - Conferences, Meetings, and Events
UN Wire
San Francisco Bay Area Organizations

Bay Area Planning and Networking
SPUR (San Francisco, San Jose)
IAP2 Norcal - emphasis on enetworking

Children / Youth
International Child Resource Institute (Berkeley)
Middle East Children's Alliance (Berkeley)

Cultural Exchange
African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC)
(San Francisco)
Italian Cultural Institute (San Francisco)
Institute of International Education (San Francisco)

Japan Society of Northern California (San Francisco)
La Peña (Berkeley)
Weekend en Español (San Francisco)

International Diplomacy / Policy
AJC (Global Jewish Advocacy)
(San Francisco)
Earth Federation News & Views (San Francisco)

International Forum on Globalization (San Francisco)
Nautilus Institute (Berkeley)
World Affairs Council of Northern California
   (San Francisco)

Economics & Development
Asia Foundation (San Francisco)
Business for Social Responsibility (San Francisco)
California Association for MicroEnterprise Opportunity    (CAMEO) (Oakland)
East Meets West (Oakland)

French American Chamber of Commerce
   (San Francisco)
Global Exchange (San Francisco)
International Development Exchange (IDEX)
   (San Francisco)
Ploughshares Fund (San Francisco)
Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance    (VIDA - USA (Emeryville)

Earth Island Institute
Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
   (San Francisco)
Nature in the City (San Francisco)
Save the Bay (Oakland)
Sustainable City - San Francisco (San Francisco)
Tropical Rainforest Coalition (Cupertino)

Global Action / Lobbying / Service
Peace Corps- San Francisco Regional Office (Oakland)
RESULTS - SF Bay Area (SF Bay Area)

Human Rights
American Friends Service Committee
(San Francisco)
Amnesty International USA (San Francisco)
Asylum Access (Oakland)
International Institute of San Francisco (San Francisco)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored    (People NAACP (San Francisco)
Physicians for Social Responsibility (SF Bay Area)
Refugee Relief International (Woodside)
Refugee Transitions (San Francisco)
Survivors International (San Francisco)
unicef (Northwest Regional Office) (San Francisco)

San Francisco Labor Council
(San Francisco)

International Studies
International House Berkeley (Berkeley)
International Undergraduate Committee (Stanford)
Monterey Institute of International Studies (Monterey)

Unity & Peace
Star Alliance

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
(San Francisco)
Global Fund for Women (San Francisco)
Women's Intercultural Network (WIN) (San Francisco)

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San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory

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