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Council of Organizations Post-2015 Goals Consultation

On Nov 20th, the UNA-SF Council of Organizations held a Consultation on the Post-2015 UN Development Goals. This was a relaxed small gathering at the Fort Mason Gatehouse. Pizza was served.

We broke out into two tables of 9 or 10 each and discussed education goals at one table and “no one left behind” goals at the other. There were many ideas, but to simplify greatly, the education table thought we should encourage education of the "Powers That Be" (PTB) just as much as of children, because the PTB just don’t get it. They don’t see that they are in the same boat with the rest of us and need to be educated about that. The other table felt that all the goals should have a “no one left behind” dimension. One big group of people who are constantly being left behind are the 20+ something million refugees around the world and the world must stop ignoring their situation.

We also decided to have a COO strategy session on Jan 9th. Please save the date.

For those who are interested, our vote on themes for post-2015 goals added up this way:

9 - A good education
9 - Access to clean water and sanitation
7 - An honest and responsive government
7 - Equality between men and women
7 - Action taken on climate change
5 - Freedom from discrimination and persecution
4 - Affordable and nutritious food
4 - Protection against crime and violence
4 - Better healthcare
3 - Better job opportunities
3 - micro-credit support
2 - Political freedoms
2 - Protecting forests, rivers and oceaons
1 - Reliable energy at home
1 - Better transport and roads
1 - Access to justice
1 - Peace
1 - Corporate Social Responsibility
1 - Living wage
1 - Phone and internet access
1 - Support for people who can't work

by Roger Eaton - SF Bay Area Council of Organizations

Jan 9, 2014: COO Strategy Session - Save the Date

January 9, 2014 is a Thursday. The meeting will be in the early evening for dinner. We are looking for a not too expensive restaurant with a quiet room that can handle 25 or 30.

Agenda so far:

* What should organizational membership entail?

* Shall we adopt UN 70th Anniversary Celebration, Oct 24, 2015, as an organizing goal?

* Assuming we adopt UN 70th, what steps should we take toward that celebration.

Please send your suggestion(s) for the agenda and restaurant.

Roger Eaton

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